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Our Head, neck & shoulders massage is a must for busy people! Our signature massage treatments have been designed to release, relax and melt away all the stresses and tension stored in this area of the body.

Our intuitive therapist will discuss and tune into what your body needs and create bespoke experience to sooth and re energise your body, mind, and soul.

Head Neck & Shoulder Massage allows you to benefit from a deep tissue massage that focuses on specific areas of tension.

Your massage is tailored towards your needs and can focus on a particular area or whole body. It can be relaxing or energising depending on your requirements on the day.

Massage encourages your body into a state of deep rest and may also help improve:

  • Muscular pains and tension
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress reduce anxiety
  • Mood and sleep
  • Circulation and lymphatic detoxification
  • Immune function

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