Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is about helping you to thrive by taking charge of your health and wellbeing starting with lifestyle choices.

Joanne will support you to make the mindset and behaviour change(s) you need for lasting physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. As a trained and certified Professional Health and Wellbeing Coach Joanne has the skills to help you with: stress management, energy levels, life satisfaction, weight management, nutritional habits, physical activity, sleep, and emotional and mental wellbeing. With additional training in Lifestyle Medicine coaching Joanne also works with people who want to prevent, manage and reverse lifestyle related chronic health conditions for a better quality of life.

Blending a range of modalities from positive psychology, motivational interviewing to the science of habits and behaviour change, Joanne will partner with you along your journey towards optimal health, wellbeing and vitality.

Joanne works exclusively 1-1 to ensure bespoke, personalised interventions and support.

Emotional Eating Coaching

Lots of people are caught up in chronic or yo-yo dieting and compulsive emotional or stress eating. Some claim to have food addictions. Whatever your story is, you probably are tired of fighting this battle alone and want a change.

Emotional eating coaching is about helping you to heal your relationship with food and your body for good. Research shows that increased dieting can contribute to unhealthy relationships with food and a propensity to eat emotionally. Learning to understand your emotions versus trying to “control” your eating with stricter dieting is key to overcoming your struggles.

With Joanne, who is a trained Mindful Eating Coach, you can learn how to listen to and understand your ‘inner expert’, reconnect with your body wisdom and take charge of your eating and self-care decisions for life.

Joanne offers a 1-1 tailored and personalised service to help you break free of your food related struggles.

Essentrics® Movement Classes

As an Essentrics Instructor Joanne believes that fitness should not be measured with an index, in miles, in muscle mass or in speed, but rather in one’s ability to move freely, live actively and without pain.

She will support you to create a balanced body whereby the strength in your muscles doesn't inhibit your movement, and your mobility is enhanced by your strength.

Essentrics® is a dynamic full-body technique that simultaneously lengthens and strengths your muscles. Its benefits include greater joint mobility, long lean muscles, atrophy reversal, pain relief and enhanced athletic performance.This full-body technique works through the muscle chains, liberating and empowering the muscles, relieving them from tension in the process. While the technique is original in itself, it has been influenced by several disciplines: it draws on the flowing movements of tai chi which create health and balance, the strengthening theories behind ballet which create long, lean, flexible muscles and the healing principles of physiotherapy which create a pain free body.

Joanne offers 45 minute group classes aimed at pain relief and improved mobility and 60 minute group classes aimed at increasing strength, power, endurance and flexibility.

Joanne Moller

Joanne Moller