Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Medicine

Plants and people have evolved together over millennia and nature provides us with botanical medicines which are gentle, safe and perfectly adapted to our natural physiology.

Our traditional and oldest forms of medicines have come from plants. Klayr Hunter focuses on women’s health but offers support for a wide range of conditions from anxiety to autoimmune disease. Herbal medicine may have a profound effect without the unwanted side effects associated with pharmaceuticals. Plant constituents initiate the body’s own healing capabilities and stimulate a return to optimum health.

An initial herbal consultation lasts 60 minutes and concentrates on your main issues while taking into consideration your overall health, diet and lifestyle.

Particular care is taken with the quality of medicines. Practitioner-strength organic, biodynamic and wildcrafted tinctures are formulated for your specific needs. Teas, capsules and creams are also prescribed for when required. No animal products are ever used and all medicines are suitable for vegans.

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