Chronic health and life challenges are addressed beautifully by Roberta's unique skills obtained via life experiences and training. With one foot in the practical yet also esoteric world of Chinese Medicine and the other foot in the world of Molecular Biology, she draws from both the Eastern and the Western frameworks in her energetic healing/coaching sessions and teaching.

The BodyIntuitive System, of which Roberta is a Master Practitioner and teacher, allows a seamless integration of all she has learned and provides profound, individualised and comprehensive healing for each client. Her 17 years of clinical experience started first with acupuncture and then she added Intuitive Mind/Body Medicine as well. Her professional goals include working with each client at a deep level to stop the replay of past trauma that often plays out in our lives with devastating consequences.

She is able to reveal the hidden aspects that often keep us stuck in chronic health challenges or in life situations that are deeply distressing. In addition to training already mentioned, Roberta is a practitioner of Family Constellation therapy, Shamanic Healing, and Biofield Tuning and this learning makes each session unique and powerful.

Roberta WeberBA, LicAc, MBP; Acupuncturist, Master BodyIntuitive, and Biofield

Roberta Weber