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With a myriad of different therapies available these days it can be difficult to know just where to begin.
Where does hypnosis fit into the picture?

Sometimes things are hidden from us in our unconscious mindstore. Solutions can often be often uncovered since after all, this is the realm of dreams, creativity and imagination. A problem, by definition, can only exist in relation to a solution, so there is always the possibility for change.

Hypnotherapy is a technique which works well for with anxiety in its many guises such as fears, phobias, limitations, panic, ill health, things that impede or limit our quality of life.

Within Clinical Hypnotherapy we draw on various schools of psychotherapy depending upon individual circumstance and requirements. Hypnosis is known to improve the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for example and sits naturally within the ethos of Positive Psychology. Hypnotherapy looks to engage the wealth of resources you already have within yourself, resources of which you may not always be aware.

If you have any questions about hypnosis or its suitability for your particular circumstance, or to book an appointment, please contact reception or send us an email.

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