Music Medicine

The healing power of vibration. At its core, music is sound, and sound is rooted in vibration.

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Music Medicine

Westbourne House cater to children and adults with a range of conditions, including parkinsonism, dementia and autism spectrum disorders. Our beautifully set mind body studio space is equipped with comfortable props and Sonos speakers deliver the music throughout our sessions.

Specifically in patients with Parkinson's disease, music can helps ease tremors. The physicality that music inspires is one of the most positive impacts on these patients. In patients who are recovering from strokes, music is an incredibly useful resource because of how our brains process music.

The portion of our brain that processes music overlaps with where we process language. This makes music a great resource for patients recovering from strokes. Using that knowledge, practitioners can now integrate music with medicine to augment healing.

Music medicine in practice focuses on the more clinical benefits that music can have on patients.

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