As Head of integrated Services at Westbourne Medical Studios, Paula Fairlie brings her passion and professionalism to our clinic in the form of a career dedicated to physical and holistic health.

Paula’s background lies within the NHS as a qualified nurse and midwife with experience in general nursing, midwifery, and neonatal intensive care. This provides a beneficial backdrop to the appreciation of a person’s physical and mental health matters.

Today Paula is a qualified yoga teacher and therapist of many modalities, with a special interest in the anatomy of the mind, body and spirit. She has dedicated her life to the study and integration of health and wellness practices for the benefit of clients and fellow yogis. Following a period of intensive study, the main focus of her practices is within the traditional ancient wisdom field of yoga therapy.

Paula’s understanding of conventional western medicine enables a powerful and empowering therapy for all health concerns. Gentle mindful guidance means that a practices or understanding of yoga is not required.

Paula’s portfolio at Westbourne House is complemented by massage, light touch therapy and nutritional training to ensure a personalised yet holistic approach to each individual within her care. We are delighted to have her in the team as our dedicated 'holistic nurse’.

Paula Fairlie

Paula Fairlie