Yoga Therapy

Movement and stillness to nourish the body and cultivate calm in the mind.

Natural Therapy Session

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy classes at Westbourne will introduce and develop basic yoga movement (asana), breath work (pranayama) and calming strategies for the mind (meditation). We explore key poses, allowing time to feel and experience the movement. Relaxing, calming, and flowing yoga movement coordinated with breath to allow peace and tranquility.

Yoga gifts us the route to right living, so much more than a weekly exercise to be ticked off a never-ending list, Yoga at Westbourne House truly is the path to healing and resolving a myriad of imbalances.

Creating balance in these essential systems within the body has a direct positive effect on every other function and organ in the body. For those who seek spiritual benefits, these are also a natural and marvelous result of expertly designed and regular yoga practice.

We welcome total beginners, and those who wish to revisit the foundations of the practise.

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