A former research food scientist (BSc Hons, MSc), mum of 4 girls, a passionate foodie, blogger, an obsessive fermenter, nature lover, forager and educator/teacher/advocate of fermented foods and a plant based diet…..oh and the Founder of Nourished by Nature!

I established Nourished by Nature, to address the fast food, convenience, throw-away society that has resulted in today’s chronic health issues by running workshops, events, talks, demos on all aspects of fermenting and health, whilst sharing recipes and information on my blog.

With a unique, scientific, holistic, impartial approach I cut through the crap, tell it how it is with no vested interest in the food industry or their products.

I’ve inspired/guided many, developed great friendships (“audiences and kindred spirits/like-minded partners”), gained a humbling level of respect/leadership enabling people to believe in themselves, take responsibility for their own health and free themselves from the symptoms of chronic disease. All this by encouraging people back into their kitchens to make their own life affirming and delicious foods and to make better informed choices for their health.

I am passionate about wanting to help shape:

  • A post COVID Scotland informing, supporting, and enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy better health and great food
  • A Scotland that reflects the best of nature, the best of choices, the best of health, the best of us Fermentation Revolution, and turn us into a nation of fermenters, kombucha brewers, sourdough bakers and foragers!

Janice Clyne

Janice Clyne