Over 13 years ago, after an extremely positive and empowering 'hypnobirth' experience, I trained in Natal Hypnotherapy hypnobirthing. I then went on to study the wider applications of hypnotherapy for a further year - attaining a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and an Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis for Behavioural Change.

Since qualifying, I have been supporting clients across a wide range of clinical applications - working in a thriving psychology and counselling clinic in Singapore, before moving back to the UK. I have a special interest in maternal health and work with couples experiencing unexplained infertility or looking for support through an IVF journey. I also support expectant parents preparing for birth and mothers who have experienced trauma during their pregnancy or birth.

I create a safe environment for each client, enabling them to resolve any trauma, stress, anxiety, or depression which may have led them to hold limiting fears, behaviours or beliefs. I tailor each session to their individual needs - blending therapies to guide clients through a healing process based on the latest neuroscientific research. Transformation can happen quickly, using gentle and creative techniques which empower clients to build resilience, mental strength, and positive feelings. This in turn leads to new behaviours and creates lifechanging new possibilities.

In addition to Hypnotherapy, Helen is also certified as a Havening practitioner and an mBIT Professional Coach - therapies which are each grounded in sound neuroscientific research but also inspired by ancient wisdom.

I passionately believe we all have the power to create emotional and physical change by 'reprogramming' our unconscious minds for positive transformations. Please reach out for support if you are looking for some positive mind/body therapy to tackle issues that may have been bothering you for some time.

Helen Skinner

Helen Skinner