VA Aquera

Tailor-made, sound frequency immunotherapy

VA Aquera

The Aquera treatment on offer at Westbourne House has been developed to provide an innovative solution that measures patterns in voice and brain frequencies and translates these into various degrees of personal and emotional well-being. Personal emotions and physical health are interrelated.

Voice Analysis Sound balance is a method to gain insight into the person behind the voice on the basis of a voice recording of a few minutes. The system measures and names the powerful properties as well as the blockages in the emotional, mental and physical condition. The system measures and names the powerful properties as well as any blockages in the personal, mental, emotional and physical condition. A large amount of information is displayed in a clear manner.

Among other things, the following points are mentioned herein:

  • personal characteristics
  • rational properties
  • social qualities
  • impulsive traits
  • stress level and energy level
  • emotional traits and unconscious emotions
  • appearance
  • chakras
  • physical balance

A Voice Analysis Sound Balance is excellent for both business and private problems to be applied to partners, parent and child, employer and employee, etc.

Voice Analysis also has the option of making a matching analysis of the interfaces between people, for example among partners or colleagues. It is also possible to make a sound recipe. By analyzing the voice, the necessary frequencies are collected and a sound file is made from this. By playing this daily with headphones, via a USB stick on the computer or on an MP3 player, the correct frequencies are taken over by the body and so the cells can communicate better with each other. The body is brought back into balance thanks to its own healing abilities.

The Brain detects these emotions via harmonic frequencies in the voice, which are also an indication of cellular vitality and energy. Our Brain Harmony system measures and analyses voice frequency patterns using an algorithm linked to a reference database formulated after a 10-year study by a team of psychologists.

From your sound recording, your Clinician will create unique Sound Files to correct emotional and energetic imbalances and stimulate the brain to initiate change at the neurological level. Your personalised Sound Files are accessed via an app, to be listened to daily in your own time for self-resolution.

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