Klayr boasts over 20 years’ experience in the herbal medicine industry and over 13 years expertise as a medical herbalist.

After completing her first degree in Physiology at Glasgow University, Klayr worked with Napiers as a herbal dispenser and later as assistant manager. This unique apprenticeship created a rich learning experience and deepened her appreciation of the role the herbalist has in introducing patient to plant. During her time at Napiers, Klayr was fortunate to be mentored by Carol Rogers, herbalist and author of The Women’s Guide to Herbal Medicine. This sparked an interest in gynaecology and in 2012 she moved to Nurture, an Integrated Health Clinic, focusing on Women’s Health.

Klayr Hunter’s medical USP is found in the way she connects to patients and takes them forward in matching them to the correct plant medicines. This takes into consideration not only their condition(s), but their constitution as well. Klayr is incredibly invested in understanding why ill-health has arisen and how herbal medicines can improve underlying causes to promote healing. This is why 10 women with hot flushes will all get a different prescription. Looking at their constitution and how their body works in its entirety allows her to create bespoke formulations, specially tailored for each individual.

A consultation gives you time and space to feel comfortable and confident in explaining your health concerns. Spending time on listening to your health story is key to knowing why certain symptoms arise and often provides clues on how to resolve them. Dedicating time to understanding your specific set of health struggles allows us to formulate a treatment strategy together and help you get back to feeling your best.

The herbalist creates space for openness and understanding, inviting the patient to unravel their story in a nurtured environment where difficult emotions can be held with reverence and respect. The physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your health are all taken into consideration for bringing you back into balance and achieving optimal health.

Particular care is taken in the quality of medicine provided choosing organic, biodynamic, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced herbal medicines. With western herbal medicine (which is the tradition Klayr is trained in and practices) no animal products are ever used- all her medicines are vegan.

Klayr Hunter

Klayr Hunter