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Natural Therapies Glasgow

We believe medicine can take many forms, and an important method of treating people is to look towards natural practices. To be considered well – one should include physical, mental, social and spiritual health, and at Westbourne Medical Studios – we focus on many different treatments to help you achieve this.

At Westbourne House you can trust our qualified therapists to take the lead in your wellness journey. We cover a wide range of holistic practices, believing that what we offer can provide not only a trajectory for healing, but also a way to maintain good health.

From Alexander technique and breathing classes for posture and healthy habits, to meditation and hypnotherapy for mindset and mental health, to creative arts and music medicine for symptom relief, we have a class just right for you.

Let us work with you to achieve better health using natural practices, and give you strength to face life’s challenges. Learn more about our natural therapies here.