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Why Book a Private GP in Glasgow? Beat the NHS Wait, Immediate Appointments, and More!

A recent poll found that 31% of people had difficulty accessing NHS services during the pandemic. This resulted in almost one in eight (the equivalent of 2 million people) using private healthcare, while a further one in five considered it. 

If you’ve been thinking of switching from your local NHS GP surgery to a private one, you’re in the right place. 

Here, we explore the benefits of using a private GP in Glasgow for yourself and your family. 

5 Benefits of Using a Private GP in Glasgow

1. Beat the NHS Wait Times

The median wait time to see a GP in Scotland (between 1 April 2022 to 30 June 2022) was seven days. Waiting this long (and sometimes longer) to see a GP can have a knock-on effect if you require further tests and treatments. You could be months down the line before you get the healthcare you need.  

When you use a private GP, on the other hand, you’ll often be seen much faster, which in turn means your GP can make a referral more quickly, too. 

And speaking of quicker appointments… 

2. More Same-Day Appointments

You know the drill. You phone your local GP surgery at 8:30 am on the dot. And it rings. And rings. And rings. 

Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones, and you’ll get through to speak to someone and nab one of those elusive same-day appointments. But chances are you’ll be asked to try again tomorrow. 

With a private GP, you’ll have more opportunities to be seen on the same day you call. Here at Westbourne, we have several same-day appointments available every day. And if we can’t get you in ASAP, our friendly doctors can arrange a telephone or video consultation for later that day instead. 

3. Longer Consultations

Many public sector GPs are under pressure to see as many patients as they can in a short space of time. This means they’re often watching the clock, rushing through consultations, wary of those long wait times we mentioned earlier. 

Private GPs don’t operate under the same constraints. Consultations usually last a minimum of 30 minutes and up to an hour if needed. With the luxury of time, we can dig deeper into your concerns, discuss your family and personal medical history, and carry out thorough examinations. We can also discuss any treatment plans in detail, giving you greater peace of mind. 

4. More Flexibility

Visiting a private GP in Glasgow offers much more flexibility than the public sector. You can book appointments that suit you, rather than on a first-come, first-served basis. Whether that’s early morning, over lunch, or in the evening after work, you can see a GP on your terms.  

Here at Westbourne, we have doctors available seven days a week, and we even offer home visits on request.  

5. Bespoke Services

Public sector GPs are largely restricted to what’s available on the NHS, meaning you may not have immediate access to the treatments you require. And even if you can be seen on the NHS, you’ll usually have to wait weeks (and sometimes months) before you’ll get an appointment. 

As a private GP, we can provide additional treatments tailored to your needs. Our team of specialist doctors and nurses are on hand to help with a range of medical services, including smoking cessation, cancer support, weight loss, nutrition, anxiety, and more.   

We even have a fully equipped minor injuries clinic*. Our experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner is available during clinic hours to assess our private patients. 

What You Get When You Book a Private GP in Glasgow with Westbourne Medical

Our doctors and staff take immense pride in offering an exclusive, bespoke Private Family GP service with a reputation for clinical excellence. Everything we do is tailored to your every need.

When you book with Westbourne Medical, you’ll get: 

  • GP Appointments starting from 30 minutes.
  • Prompt and personal medical care.
  • GPs & Doctors available seven days a week.
  • Same-day or non-urgent appointments.
  • Home visits (on request).
  • Additional Medical Therapies & Treatments in our dedicated Medical Studio.
  • Telephone, video or face-to-face consultations.
  • Minimal waiting times for your consultation.
  • Annual check-ups and reviews for the whole family.

Contact us now and discover why we were named one of the UK’s top 21 private GPs by Tatler Magazine.

*Please note we are not an Accident and Emergency department. Appointments are on an emergency basis and must be made by telephoning reception before attending the clinic. We can look after most minor injuries without the need for further referral.