Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Yoga for Well-Being

We are proud to share our fully equipped yoga studio at Westbourne Medical  Studios where our team of highly qualified yoga teachers run small tailored yoga classes on a weekly basis.


Whether you suffer from chronic pain and stiffness, back pain, breathing difficulties, insomnia or depression Yoga has proven health benefits.

We have fabulous teachers who are highly trained and work as a team progressing you through the many levels and types of class. We are preparing for our ante and post natal yoga sessions - watch this space ! 

Monday 1pm-2pm 
Energy Quantum Flow

With Cheryl Kay

A great way to start the week …nutrition for the soul! Come and join Cheryl for a great fun Quantum energy flow class on a Monday releasing stale energies and preparing yourself for the week ahead ….expect an hour packed with vitality and relaxation all in one go! 

Wednesday 7pm-8.15pm
Begin Your Yoga Journey at Westbourne

A 6 week mini course to introduce you to the fundamental aspects of yoga.


The classes will introduce and develop basic yoga movement (asana), breath work (pranayama) and calming strategies for the mind (meditation). Over the 6 weeks we will explore key poses, allowing time to feel and experience the movement. The goal is gaining confidence and promoting a safe self practise.

We welcome total beginners, and those who wish to revisit the foundations of the practise.

Thursday 6pm-7pm Yoga for Physical and Mental Balance 

With Jen Hebendon. Reset the week by releasing built up tension and anxiety. A balanced flow, With its emphasis on strength and flexibility, will leave your body and mind feeling lighter. All levels welcome.

Tuesday 7pm-8.15pm - Nurture Flow with Paula Fairlie

This class has an emphasis on therapeutic movement to nurture and support the body and mind. Expect calming breath practise, movement designed to rid the body of stress and anxiety, and  relaxation to allow you to leave feeling blissed and balanced.

All levels welcome.

Wednesday 1pm-2 pm Laughter Yoga with Morag Tester

They say laughter is the of the best medicines and this is certainly true at Westbourne when Morag runs one of her fabulous laughter workshops 

Come and join in the fun and in the process learn how this wonderful laughter class can transform your day, not to mention help release anxieties and give your facial and abdominal muscles a good work out at the same time!

Thursday 7.30pm-8.45pm
Yoga Sleep Clinic 

Relaxing, calming and flowing yoga  movement coordinated with breath to allow peace and tranquility. The aim is  the promotion of  deep sleep. All levels welcome.