Breath is Life


Breathe Yourself Back to Health

“ Be aware of your breath as often as you are able …do this for a year and it will be more powerfully transformative than any other course you can attend …and it’s free!…” Eckhart Tolle


Did you know that the lungs are responsible for eliminating around 70% of the total of ALL body waste on a daily basis? The importance of breathing correctly cannot be over emphasised 



Limitation of correct breathing results in 

-toxic build up within the lungs and respiratory system 

- limitation of oxygen to the cells

- restriction of blood circulation 

- brain and muscular tension

- immune malfunciton 

- physical and mental health problems 

- memory loss 

- fatigue

- depression 



Westbourne Medical Studios is delighted to bring a breath of fresh air to Glasgow and to be the first clinic of its kind in the country to offer one to one coaching and group classes to introduce correct breathing to promote optimal health and wellbeing. It is never to late to learn how to breathe naturally and correctly….

Why not book a session with one of our breathing experts and restore the natural vitality that lies within?