I'm Cheryl Kay and I am a body, mind & soul coach. My purpose is to support and to guide people to overcome any anxiety or fears they are facing, to let go of any traumas from the past that may be keeping them stuck and to enable them to connect to their true purpose and to live a life they love.

I specialise in teenage anxiety relief and am passionate about supporting our young people through challenging issues such as gender identity anxiety, self harm, social & generalized anxiety, body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

Over the past 20 years I have been studying, researching, and developing my methods. Combining my knowledge with my experience as a S.E.B. teacher and health and wellness coach I combine a variety of therapies to help you heal from the inside out.

Everything you need already lies within you.

Our natural state is wellness. I am a fully qualified Life Coach, Master N.L.P. practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I am reiki practitioner, massage and meditation coach as well as a fitness and wellness instructor for both adults and children.

I use a combination of my practical knowledge and 20 years' experience working with teenagers, alongside energy healing, breathwork and movement to reset, rewire and reconnect your entire being.

I support you to go from survival mode to thrival mode!

I am very proud to be Scotland's first qualified practitioner Quantum Flow practioner. Quantum flow is a beautiful practice that will support you to remove blocked trauma and stagnant energy from your body. Flow allows you to be free to move and celebrate all that you are and uses breathwork and affirmations to connect you to your true self. I like to finish my sessions with an energy healing meditation to create balance and calm in the nervous system, leaving you feeling lighter and energised.

Living in Flow opens us up to limitless possibilities, it allows us to be free of negative thought patterns and to celebrate all that we are.

I am also an Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and crystal healing practitioner.

I have love for learning and am fascinated by energy healing and the body's ability to heal itself. I am passionate about helping everyone from children, and teenagers, to adults to be happy now, not when!

Nature is my inspiration and I spend most of my time outdoors appreciating and tapping into the beauty created all around us. I live from my heart space and the joy that helping others to do the same brings me is what lights me up.

"When your love for the ocean is greater than your fear of drowning, then my darling you shall surely swim"


Cheryl Kay

Cheryl Kay