Covid Clinic and Long Covid


Covid Testing


Here at Westbourne Medical Studios we offer the latest advances in Covid testing at our specialist laboratory. We perform PCR testing / Fit to fly, Covid Antibody and Antigen testing , Spike Protein Analysis and T cell analysis. 

Please contact us for further details, appointment availability and fees.

Covid Safety

At Westbourne Medical Studios your safety is paramount and we like to ensure every possible measure is taken to maximise infection control . We are the only private GP clinic in the UK to invest in several Rensair filtration Units. These are available in each consulting room and massage area in addition to built in ventilation directly linking to outside the building. We also have a Fogger system which is used in our studio after every class.


What is Long Covid?


The main symptoms of Covid-19 are now very commonly known, the dry cough, high temperature and the loss of smell or taste which may last a couple of weeks. For most people, these symptoms are perfectly manageable, subside quickly and they are able to continue with their lives. Unfortunately, there are others who experience more long term, debilitating symptoms following the initial infection (often after two weeks) which is having a significant detrimental impact on their lives. This is called ‘Long Covid’ and there are an increasing number of people suffering from it.

Experts believe that, in some people, the symptoms of Long Covid could be the result of damage to organs, the nervous system and the immune system caused by the initial virus.

Long Covid Treatment


Due to the wide ranging symptoms people are experiencing with Long Covid, treatment plans must be tailored to the individual and a wide range of approaches used. For people experiencing chronic fatigue, a rehabilitation plan may focus on slowly building up daily activities to help them get back to where they were before. 

For people experiencing symptoms such as heart palpitations and cognitive issues, further tests may be required so that specialists have a clear understanding of what’s going on and a recovery plan can be developed from there.

Symptoms of Long Covid


The list of possible symptoms associated with Long Covid is long. Some of the most common symptoms are extreme fatigue, joint issues, cognitive difficulties, anxiety, depression, diarrhoea and headaches.  Whilst the experience of Long Covid can differ significantly from one person to the next, extreme fatigue is a very commonly reported symptom.  

Long Covid has also been shown to cause heart problems, such as irregular heartbeat and chest pain as well as lung problems such as shortness of breath. 

Cognitive issues such as memory loss and difficulty concentrating are also common and very frustrating for Long Covid sufferers. 

Dealing with such a wide variety of debilitating symptoms may also have a negative impact on mental health leading to anxiety, depression and increased stress. 

What to do if you think you have Long Covid


If you’ve recovered from Covid 19 but you’re still experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you can make an appointment to see a specialist at our new clinic designed to help people suffering from Long Covid. 

We will talk through your medical history, the symptoms you experienced when you caught the virus and the symptoms you’re experiencing now. Depending on your symptoms, we may order some routine tests to gather more information and rule out any other conditions.

Once we have an understanding of your symptoms, we will work with you to design a comprehensive rehabilitation program that will get you on the road to recovery and meet your goals.